Interview: Black Hills Badlands & Lake Association

The name of this organization, The Black Hills Badlands & Lake Assocation, is a mouthful (which is why they go by bhbl here on Viddler). If you take a look at their site they are a travel site for the Black Hills region in South Dakota. Having spent some time in South Dakota as a youth, I was really happy to see that they used Viddler to promotion their attractions.

Below their video is a short interview we had with them.

1. What is provides comprehensive information on the Black Hills of South Dakota. South Dakota is famous for Mount Rushmore, but there is so much more to see-and-do in South Dakota. We take great pride in our position to give the public a complete look at the Black Hills of South Dakota.

2. The production quality of the videos on your site is excellent. Why were the videos created and how were they produced?

The videos we display on our site and our Viddler channel were created by a combined Black Hills partnership and The South Dakota Department of Tourism.

Editor’s note: They also messaged me to let me know that they enjoyed our “How to: Encode high quality video for Viddler” document.

3. Having lived in South Dakota for a very short time in the late-90s I can say from experience that it is a beautiful state. Photos can never seem to do the state justice. Was this why video was chosen to show off some of the attractions?

In late 2008, we had a selection of 21 different vignettes produced that set out to highlight various aspects of the Black Hills, some well known and others that we consider “gems.”

You are correct, photos do no fully do justice to the beauty of the Black Hills. South Dakota is best experienced in person!

4. It seems like a lot of care and thought has gone into the design of the site. Was Viddler having a customizable player, which allows you to make the player fit right into your site, a factor in your choosing Viddler as your player of choice?

Viddler was recommended to us by a local area photography studio. A couple of factors made Viddler an easy choice to promote our videos on our site and on the Viddler site.

  • High Quality Video
  • Player Customization
  • Clickable logo
  • High Quality Video (Yes, we’re so impressed we want to mention it twice.)
  • Video length does not have a pre-defined limit
  • Ability to incorporate Flickr and Twitter streams
  • Friendly / helpful staff and user base. I love how comments from staff is visible.
  • Video length does not have a pre-defined limit.

5. What is next for

Our site was redesigned in the spring of 2008. Our new site gives us the opportunity to stay with current internet technology and trends. It is our goal to position ourselves as a digital leader for Black Hills tourism. Our focus for the near future is definitely more multimedia. I’ll plug Viddler again, when it comes to online video, we’ll continue to use and recommend Viddler!

Thanks so much to bhbl for doing this interview and for using Viddler to share South Dakota with the world.