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As with most stories, this one starts at the beginning. A few years ago, in the year 2006 to be exact, a Web site was born named Viddler. When we first began most of our community’s members had 5, 10, or maybe even 50 videos. They’d upload one or two a week, sometimes five if they ran a regular podcast, and the “Your Videos” section that we had then worked well for those people.

But then came the video boom. Hundreds of thousands of accounts all teeming with life. Episodic videos flying in daily, being tagged, commented on, shared. And then we opened up our site via our API. This was the veritable dam burst. Entire communities began to use Viddler to host their online videos. A few videos a day turned quickly into hundreds of videos per day, per account, constantly. And it has only grown from there.

Today we have many, many Viddler accounts that have thousands upon thousands of videos. Obviously we’re very pleased with this. But, there was a problem. The “Your Videos” section that had seen very little updates since 2006 was just not well suited to help manage thousands of videos. Finding, titling, tagging, and publishing videos was beginning to get harder and harder for some. Paging through hundreds of pages to find the video you were looking for, only to accidentally click the back-button on your browser and lose your place. It was frustrating.

Yesterday we took the first of many steps to help solve these and other issues facing accounts both large and small with managing their videos. Technically speaking the new Your Videos section is brand new. Shiny. It has been completely rewritten from the ground up. This new infrastructure, which we plan to cover in detail in a future post, allows us to make much more rapid changes to this section of our site than we’ve ever been able to do before.

What you see today is just the beginning – but already there has been some remarkable benefits from this update.

First, it should be much quicker to update your videos information from this area. Before yesterday you had to go to each individual video’s page in order to edit its title, add some tags, and perhaps set up its viewing permissions. Now you can do all of those things, and much more, without ever leaving the Your Videos page.

Second, we’ve added some basic sorting options to make it easier to find some of your videos. Sorting by most recent, oldest first, most videos, and least views are currently available – with more sorting options coming in the future. You can also choose how many videos you’d like per page. And, you can use your browser’s back and forward button without worrying about losing your place!

And last, for now, is that you can get a pretty good glimpse of the activity on some of your videos just by viewing the data table that we’ve given you. Both views and comments are now easily seen so that you can see at least some basic activity.

We hope that you like these updates to the Your Videos section which is now easily accessible from We’re not stopping at this update and we hope that you’ll provide us with some of the things you’d like to see in this section in the future.

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  1. blinds says:

    So your videos section is brand new, congrats to the team!! Waiting to see more changes in this direction, something that is really necessary for us.