How Robert Scoble uses Google Reader

Viddler, friend, and author Timothy Ferris (masterlock77) recently visited the office of Podtech and asked Robert Scoble how he managed to keep up with 622+ feed subscriptions. You can also read Timothy’s blog post about this interview.

I had the privilege of enjoying some delicious barbecue with Timothy in Austin during this year’s South By Southwest Festival. Tim is a really great, great guy that definitely practices what he preaches and his book “The Four Hour Work Week” is on sale now.

He also gave a speech at Ignite in San Francisco just before the Web2Expo [video of Tim’s speech at Ignite] ( I made sure I was in the front row for this ) which earned him a keynote spot later in the week in front of thousands of Expo attendees. Nicely done Tim.

We’ve got other videos with Timothy Ferris too! Be sure to do a search and find some.

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