The Wii laptop hack

I’ve been “on the look-out” for a Wii ever since its debut. After the first few weeks I nearly gave up. Then, yesterday a friend of mine brought his Wii over and now I’ve been reinvigorated about all things Wii. After calling every single retailer in a 50-mile radius I’m nearly ready to resort to eBay, something I’d much rather avoid if at all possible.

Recently one of Viddler’s users, entr200, posted the video of the Wii-laptop and now I’m even more driven to find a Wii anywhere I can. The Wii-laptop is a hack for a Wii to create a truly portable Wii system in laptop form. Pretty slick idea.

I’m hoping to find a Wii to play soon, though I’m not sure I’ll hack mine into a laptop right away. Do you want to hack yours? You’re in luck. The entire process of how to hack your Wii into a laptop is available in a three-part series from Engadget. Start with How to make a Wii-laptop part one! Happy hacking!

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