2009 F1 Rule Changes

Australia’s Automotive TV (subscribe) has an amazing 3D animation detailing changes in the rules of Formula One racing for 2009.

Every year the rules to Formula One are changed in ways yo challenge the teams. Sometimes the rule changes can significantly hinder the performance of the vehicles and sometimes they can be super duper cool like reintroducing the use of slick tires during a race after an eleven year absence.

The F1 season sped off in Melbourne, Australia, on March 27th, 2009. It begun with practice and qualifying, and ends on Sunday the 29th (today – Australian time) of March with the race.

Will you be watching the F1 this year? It’s going to be an amazing year! I want McLaren to be on the podium every race. Woohoo!

When do you think Formula One cars will start hybrid engine trials? 3 years? 7 years? Leave your thoughts below.