Reminders via RSS

What kind of reminder do you use to remember a task you need to get done? With all the electronics around us everyday, the humble Post-It note reminder is being replaced with reminders in mobile phones, online calendars, and even a simple alarm on a wristwatch.

Online services — such as Remember The Milk — offer ways to enter countless reminders, have them repeat (or not), and keep you focused on the tasks in your life. There’s iPhone apps and you can receive reminders via e-mail, but what if you live in your RSS reader (Google Reader, Bloglines, NetNewsWire, Safari, etc)? Well, Remember The Milk and most reminder services allow you to subscribe to your ‘Reminder Feed(s)’ through all good RSS readers. Though, most services require you to sign up.

ReminderFeed doesn’t require that tedious signup process we’re all familiar with. As Molly McDonald shows you in this DemoGirl (subscribe) screencast, all you need to do is create the reminder and subscribe to it. Simple!

I do like the fact that you can add a password in order to edit the task whenever needed. This is definitely a neat set-it-and-forget-it type of site that will definitely be handy for those that use their RSS readers a lot.

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