Surround Vision Demo at CES

Last week proved to be bigger than ever for CES launches, announcements, and — of course — videos. The Nexus One and various tablet devices took a lot of the limelight, but there were lots and lots of innovations which were mentioned by great technology sources like HotHardware and Engadget.

If you follow rumors you may have seen the curved iMac which many geeks swoon over — it’s not likely that Apple will release a product like that any time soon though. So — just like all the tablets that were released at CES — there was an array of displays announced.

Dave at HotHardware (subscribe) had a look at a demo of Ostendo’s CRVD display (which resembles some of those curved iMac illustrations). In this video three of the displays are placed next to each other to simulate what someone would see while driving a real car (or playing some type of other roleplay game); it surrounds the gamer’s field of view completely.

Discover more about these 43″ (8640×900 pixel) displays on HotHardware’s in depth post.

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