The Engadget Show

‘Holy moly this intro is awesome!’ That’s what I thought less than 3 seconds in to watching the first episode of The Engadget Show. Of course, that’s just the beginning of awesome content featured throughout the show.

Yes, the result of those 21:9 teaser videos is finally here! Popular technology blog, Engadget (subscribe), has started a video show/podcast to compliment its weekly audio podcast content.

The first order of business was a 30-minute interview with Jon Rubinstein (the CEO of Palm). In this, Joshua Topolsky (editor-in-chief at Engadget) asks some great questions about Jon’s work at Apple, Inc, Palm, and what the future holds. Most of the questions were answered, but what’s a CEO without secrets. ;)

In the second-half of the show Paul Miller and Nilay Patel (Engadget bloggers) join the stage to talk about the week’s news in technology.

I listen/watch a lot of technology content (TWiT, Diggnation, Tekzilla, etc), and I still think that The Engadget Show will manage to squeeze in to my viewing schedule as long as it isn’t too redundant with its information. Oh, okay, the intro sold me; music by Bit Shifter is unique and fun. :P

You can find all of the show notes for this episode over at Engadget’s page, including links to iPod/Zune-friendly videos, and HD torrents. Follow @Engadget on Twitter for the latest technology news, and when they post new episodes of their podcasts.

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