Community Spotlight: Branchout

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Zach Onisko, Director of Product Design at Branchout. Branchout is a forward thinking company utilizing social media to connect people in search of employment. During these hard times, Branchout is helping people easily find jobs by networking with the people around them via Facebook. Check out the great interview below and visit Branchout today.

How did BranchOut come together?

Great question! The idea for BranchOut developed when founder Rick Marini was contacted by a friend who wanted an introduction for a sales lead. Rick wanted to use Facebook to see who he knew at the company in question. That search capability was not yet available, so Rick asked our Director of Engineering to build it. He did and we immediately knew we were on to something. BranchOut officially launched in July 2010.

What is the mission of BranchOut?

BranchOut is the largest professional networking service on Facebook. BranchOut users leverage their Facebook friend network to find jobs, source sales leads, recruit talent, and foster relationships with professional contacts. BranchOut also operates the largest job board on Facebook with over 3 million jobs and 20,000 internships. We fundamentally believe BranchOut will change job search, recruiting, business introductions and professional networking by allowing users to fully utilize their social network.

We are a free application for anyone interested in professional success. All BranchOut users create a professional profile that includes their work history and education. So personal information, (like photo albums and status updates), aren’t included in BranchOut profiles. BranchOut also offers endorsements and career badges, which friends and colleagues give to one another as a way to acknowledge skills and accomplishments.

How has the use of video contributed to the growth of BranchOut?

We determined that close to 25% of our new users watch our “How-To” videos on Viddler. We have a light box that appears over our dashboard with a 30 second video. All of our top videos play on Viddler. Obviously, we are pretty big fans!

How has Viddler helped you have complete control over your videos?

Viddler has helped us control the look and feel of the player. We moved to Vddller when YouTube started putting ads in all of our videos. We’ve tried other video providers, but thanks to our trusty Viddler representative, we’re now saving thousands of dollars a month!

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  1. Hi Ian,

    My name is Ali and I am BranchOut's Community Manager. Just wanted to say hi, introduce myself and thank you for showcasing BranchOut on your blog. We are equally big fans of you!

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi There! My name is Max Guadagnoli and I'm the Unofficial BranchOut group Administrator on FB ( 2122 members at today). The Unofficial BranchOut group is pro-active to support the BranchOutApp platform worldwide! Please join us your collaboration is basic! We'll be happy to help each other to better understand what the most famous Fb job listing platform than ever, can does! :-)
    Usually we're monitoring every possible BranchOut source on the net and let me say that your BranchOut tutorials are so useful and clear and we posted both of them for our own users. Then, congrats to give us a so detailed and well done product! kindly Max.