Viddler Customer Spotlight: PlanPhilly

PlanPhilly is an independent news gather entity providing daily news coverage of the built and planned environment in Philadelphia, PA. is an attempt to actively engage Philadelphians in dialogue about the future of this great city. PlanPhilly is a tool that educates and connects citizens, developers, business people and politicians alike in a discussion about what a world-class 21st century city should be. At Viddler we preach that you don’t need to be video professionals with high end equipment to utilize online video in your business effectively. PlanPhilly is a pioneer in the online video space and is making a huge impact just focusing on the essentials. By providing a video dimension to their site, they are able to present local news stories to Philadelphia in a way the city has never seen before. We recently made the trip from Bethlehem to Philadelphia to meet with some of the amazing staff of PlanPhilly as they went into the field to shoot a video for an upcoming story. We talked about how online video helps shape there business and how Viddler assists them by providing a fast, customer friendly online video platform.

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    it's becoming so intense….

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    nice vid, very interesting