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So, you’ve just knocked out that killer viral video; the company product presentation; or a thoughtful how-to style vid. Good work, young Padawan. You’re basically ready to put that bad boy up on the interwebs and call it a night … or are you? See, this is where things get interesting. Did you happen to add any music to that video? We’re not necessarily talking about featuring music, but rather incorporating a little bit of music as “underscore.” Music coupled with video—film—tape—whatever you want to call it—can be nothing short of transformative; it can support your brand identity.

The right music can help you elicit a specific emotion; place your viewers in a setting, time or place; and can help move along a narrative on screen. Do you have a quirky product or humorous message? The soundtrack can help you with that. Is it a fast-cut, crazy-action piece? The energy in the music can drive your edits. You should plan to use music as a helpful “glue” that keeps everyone’s focus on the screen. Just take the training scene from “Rocky” … mute it and then turn on Justin Beiber’s “Baby” track … You’ll know what we mean when you see it. The right music matters!

Nothing really beats a few real-world examples of businesses transforming their video content through the use of music (thanks to Tunefruit). Check out the videos below.

















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Mango (@tunefruit) is the co-founder and client relations manager for Tunefruit, a music marketplace that allows folks to easily find, listen and license music for a wide range of different projects. You can reach Mango via email ( with all of your licensing questions. Check out their website:

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  1. The article on adding music to the video projects was a great read. Music is a good healer and the right music can help you to produce a particular emotion. Keep up the good work. Waiting for more new posts.