All you need is love?

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Valentine’s Day—ugh! It’s all about love and romance and giant stuffed bears. I hate bears! What about all those other feelings and emotions out there? Like suspicion, enlightened and hate. You know … like my hatred of bears. These feelings need some love, too!


Maybe it’s the fact that I just got off the phone with my cable company, but I find myself wanting to discuss hatred. Apparently, everything is my fault. So, now I’m in a coffee shop brooding in my uber-caffeinated rage. Grab your pitchforks and torches; we’ve got a monster to destroy!

Anyway … Hate. Basically, it’s just as strong of an emotion as love. It makes you do things that you wouldn’t do in a sober state of mind, and causes you to see people and things through a distorted lens. I seem to have led you down the path towards the plot of “Frankenstein,” so let’s follow that yellow, brick road.

Now, Frankenstein creates this “monster” and instead of loving it as his own, he turns his back on it. Frightened by the monster, he refuses to share an emotional connection with it, which immediately polarizes the situation and creates confrontation (which is how every call to your cable company goes). This creates a sort of paradox.

When two people share emotional connections, we call that love. But what if the emotional connection they’re sharing is hate? I just blew your mind. … Hate is really complicated; it’s not all the same. If you look at a fight, there is usually hate involved, but the reason for the hatred brings about the real dynamics. Who cares about that? Well everyone watching the movie does; it’s standard character development (my fourth grade English teacher would be so proud).

Check out the final fight between Luke Skywalker and his father. This is a really complicated version of hate. Try and count the number of emotions shown in the scene—there are a lot! But listen to the music, too; it’s got all sorts of tension in it.

Notice how it’s not just about hate? Emotions are really complicated, which is precisely why we at Tunefruit created the concept of Deep Tagging™ for your music searches. Maybe you’re looking for true, irrational hate (my hatred of bears); or maybe your hate is coming from frustration (my phone company situation); or just maybe you’re fighting your father to the death while his boss watches until he joins in and tries to kill you both with the fate of the entire universe at stake.

We can safely say we at Tunefruit have already accounted for all of this madness in our music-searching system … You’re welcome.

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Huckleberry (@tunefruit) hails from Connecticut. After a short stint of walking the streets of NYC at 4 a.m. (with a tuba), he finally had enough dough for a bus ticket to Atlanta where he graciously accepted the job of “overworked, underpaid intern.” After all, what’s a berry gonna do with money? Check out their Website:

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