Be a guest author for the Viddler Blog

We’ve had a lot of good feedback on our guest blog posts over the past few months. Because of that, we’re opening up the Viddler Blog to those of you who might be interested in contributing content of your own.


If you have some interesting insight specific to the online video space; how you use online video; what’s worked; what hasn’t; and you can translate that insight into the written word, we’d like to hear from you.

Complete the form below with your contact info, a quick, one- to two-line summary of the online video insight you’d like to blog about, and how often you’re interested in contributing.

We try to keep our posts on the shorter side, so if you have something juicy to write about that you can’t squeeze into one post, try breaking it out into a series of posts to hook your readers.

If you get the green light based on the info you provide in the form, we’ll be in touch with next steps so you can get up and at ‘em on the Viddler Blog.

Have a few questions first before completing the form? No worries. Just email us for the answers: