Customer Spotlight: Edinet, an Italian Publishing Co.

Throughout the world, news organizations are faced with a difficult task: to provide timely, compelling local stories minutes, or even seconds, before their competition.

Enter, Edinet: A publisher headquartered in the Genova region of northern Italy. The Web-driven company hosts several Italian-language sites, including Il Vostro Giornale (IVG) and Genova24, which incorporate short video into coverage of local news and sports. Edinet reaches an audience of around 260,000, and Web analytics estimate 20,000 unique visits to their site daily. Their traffic keeps growing, which has caught the eye of local advertisers.

Edinet’s needs are common to publishers everywhere … journalists need a way to easily modify and upload video content taken on their mobile or other consumer-level devices. According to Matteo Rainisio, Edinet’s founder and CEO, “Viddler is the most responsive, proactive vendor I have experienced in the 16 years I have been in this business. With most companies, if there is a problem, I have trouble reaching a live person. Viddler’s platform seldom gives us any trouble, but when there’s an issue, they call me—sometimes before I even know there’s a problem!”

Edinet’s business requirements are equally important. Their ability to generate click-throughs for both editorial and advertising content are essential to their profitability. Rainisio appreciates Viddler’s functionality, as well as how easily our video player can be customized, which gives him full control over advertising.

Says Rainisio, “When we made a change in our advertising system, Viddler’s technician discovered a potential problem on the video side, and fixed everything in days—not weeks.” Needless to say, those at Edinet eagerly await the next set of upgrades to Viddler that will provide a greater emphasis on mobile devices, helping the publisher get one step closer to becoming the leading source of local news and advertising.