Customer Spotlight: TBWS Daily Show

TBWS Daily Show was exactly what the housing market ordered back in 2007 … As the industry going got tough, enter Frank Garay, a loan originator overseeing 50 loan officers; a guy with an aura that screamed “let me pick you up!”

With the sheer volume of employees Frank managed, communication was the only way to keep things somewhat even keel. But for Frank, arranging a weekly meeting for 50 people to attend, let alone a daily one, was pretty much impossible. As Frank sat at his desk, staring at that tiny, little eye of his Web camera, that happened to be peering back, it dawned on him … it was video blog time! What better way to inform, and inevitably amp up, 50 loan officers than with a video highlighting current mortgage and real estate trends?

So, Frank hit “record,” spewed out the daily deets, uploaded it and then emailed it out to his loan officers. By the end of the day, everyone watched his video, and the feedback he received was beyond encouraging. Frank vowed to host a video blog just like it every day to give his industry the motivation it needed to keep trucking forward. People said he was crazy; he begged to differ. …

Five and a half years later, Frank and his teammate, Brian Stevens, haven’t skipped a beat. They roll out daily video blogs like it’s their job—umm—it is their job—but it’s definitely not an easy one. Per Frank, Viddler helps TBWS achieve their daily video blogs simply because it’s easy to use. They receive virtually zero complaints from viewers, and the organizational tools make maintaining their huge library of content easy-breezy.

From what I gather, Frank gets his kicks out of watching the ticks in views that TBWS gets. Back in 2007, when he launched his first video blog, Frank got maybe 200 views per day. As he and Brian keep ripping out content, the views keep increasing. On a good day, with impactful content, they’re looking at over 50,000 views … and that’s just in one day! But what deserves an even bigger round of applause is how in tune these guys stay with their viewers. Feedback is critical to shaping each and every video blog, and they don’t overlook a single comment; good or bad.

So, what about the future of online video? “It’s bright,” according to Frank. “It’s critical to every business because a lot of Internet users would rather consume a quick video rather than read the info.” Many of TBWS viewers are mobile users, pulling up TBWS first thing in the morning to kick off their day; something that makes the mobile future of online video all the more imperious.

If you plan on doing a video blog, Frank insists the importance of “Keeping eyeballs interested.” His belief as to the success of their business lies in the hands of good editing, good visuals, good stimulus, and the simple fact that they make every effort to limit the time and work their viewers need to look up industry-related info by making it readily available in a captivating, entertaining format.

“Online video is our life,” says Frank … “It’s our business.”