Engaging Consumers w/ Branded Video Ads

The following post is a summary of BeetTV’s recent interview of Rene Rechtman, SVP of AOL Networks International

Brands Move Money to Online Video from TV and Display, Cite Better Engagement 


Advertising the Old Way

What was once an Internet full of text-based banner ads is now migrating to ads (or advertorials) by way of engaging online video content that consumers actually want to watch.

Common Web advertising practice involved the written approach in order to increase sharing through social media platforms, otherwise known as “seeding.” AOL, however, is practicing a bit ahead of the Web advertising curve, realizing the written method no longer resonates with consumers.

The New Way to Advertise

Instead, the focus has turned to evoking consumer emotion by emphasizing assets of the brand. For example, creating an experience for the consumer by telling a visual story or providing knowledgable information through videos creates a sense of conversation, which intrigues us to become a part of it, opposed to just observing it.

Creating branded video content creates a greater sense of Web sharing since publishers are more inclined to use the video as an advertorial and can provoke industry influencers to write about it, which “creates life” on the Web.

Nike Is Ahead of “The New Way” Curve

As referenced in BeetTV’s video interview, check out some of the branded online video content from Nike; clearly ahead of the the “experience curve.”
The takeaway? We keep hearing, reading it and talking about it: Online video views continue to grow at a rapid rate. In order to keep your business relevant in the Web space—where consumers tend to have the most presence and interactivity with one another—you need to keep engage and talk to your community through branded online video content.