Licensing a track with Tunefruit … It’s simple

By Mango /

Have you ever tried to license a track while the clock is ticking? It’s cray. Logins, passwords, getting the proper quote for your super-specific usage, endless legal speak and piles of red tape. That’s not how Tunefruit rolls. Man alive, we promise this site to be one of the easiest licensing and checkout procedures on the entire interwebs when it comes to music. And it should be easy, you know?

After you’ve found the right track for your video project, just click on the shopping cart in the bottom left (see picture below):

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When you’ve done that, you’ll see that the track has been added to your shopping cart. If you need multiple tracks, just wash, rinse and repeat.

Once satisfied with your selections, you can click the shopping cart up on the top of the page. And, boom, you’re transported to checkout (image below).

This is where things get stupid simple—you’re welcome!

Select the License Tier that makes sense for your project: Do you have a  personal cat video? That’s a Tier-1 kemosabe. How about a commercial Internet video? That’s a Tier-3. Then, bam! Click on the “Checkout with Paypal” button, fill out some info, and get whisked away to Paypal for payment (Tunefruit accepts Paypal or credit cards).

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After your purchase, you’re taken back to a download page on Tunefruit that has the track you just licensed. You receive a receipt and downloadable link via email. Tunefruit tries to make this a slightly more enjoyable task than doing your taxes!

We recognize just how important music is for your video projects. With that said, before we accept any new music, we listen to each track, approve what we think is appropriate, do all our Deep Tagging™, and make things easy for you to search for and license.

At Tunefruit, we believe that quality outweighs quantity. We reject tracks that aren’t up to snuff, which makes it easier for you to find the perfect tune, which helps you focus on making your video perfect. Don’t just sit there playing with blogs … go put some killer music on your killer video!

About the Author:

Mango (@tunefruit) is the co-founder and client relations manager for Tunefruit, a music marketplace that allows folks to easily find, listen and license music for a wide range of different projects. You can reach Mango via email ( with all of your licensing questions. Check out their website: