Online Video Management Made Easy

Whether you’re a current customer of Viddler or still considering which online video platform (OVP) might be a good fit for your business (and we know there are a lot to choose from), we suggest you take a close look at just how easy it is to use and navigate through an OVP’s “dashboard” … a place where you’ll spend a good chunk of your time when managing your videos.

With that said, we put together a short video focusing on Viddler’s customer (logged in) dashboard, where all the video magic happens: uploading, recording, managing and organizing content.

Viddler’s dashboard is broken out into three main sections:

  1. The top area fuctions as the “find and sort” section
  2. The left column fuctions as the “manage and organize” section – here you can upload videos directly to your dashboard, and you can even record directly to your Viddler account using your computer’s webcam
  3. The main, center area functions as the “video library” 

Some of the simple functions we’ve enabled include editing an entire library of videos or set of videos using batch operations, opposed to manually editing each video individually; searching for a particular video by the title or by a descriptive tag; as well as adjusting privacy and security settings with a simple check of a box.


Watch how Viddler makes online video management easy: