Searching for the Right Video Soundtrack

By Mango /

Finding the right soundtrack for your video can be painful. First, you have to go to Google and search for “royalty free music” or “music for video,” and then sift through the endless options of sites that pop up. Some are great, and some, not so much. Either way, you only want to know how to find the right piece of music for the right price. We get it. And because we play one on TV (a music licensing company, that is), we will show you how we handle searching for music on our website,

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Hey, hey, hey! Look at that … a big ol’ search button! Sweet. So, on Tunefruit, you have several choices for conducting a music search:

  • Type in a word (similar artist, time, feeling, place, thing, etc.) and hit “search”
  • Select a genre (style of music, for example, World, Electronic / Dance, Funk)
  • Inspect the Tunefruit Freshpicks for the “greatest hits” collection
  • Click on a popular tag

So, what’s the cool thing about our special search bar? We spend countless hours doing something we call Deep Tagging™ on each track. If you have no idea exactly what you’re looking for, but your video is about something like an enormous breakfast sandwich; just type in “bacon,” “breakfast” or “cup of joe.” You’ll get results that will actually work for your video. (Man, are we hungry. …)

Being specific with these searches is the key. Don’t just search for “action” when you want “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” And don’t just search for “pop” when you want “Katy Perry.” You’re a creative person, so be creative with your searches. The Tunefruit system is smart—like Siri smart. Try it; you’ll like it.

Once you choose your method of search, this screen will appear:

tf 2

This is the brass ring of Tunefruit’s simple search, folks. Now all you have to do is “mouse over” each track and a preview track immediately starts playing. Sweet! No need to click further unless you want to license or delve deeper into the track info. And this is what makes the process of searching for music a breeze!


About the Author:
Mango (@tunefruit) is the co-founder and client relations manager for Tunefruit, a music marketplace that allows folks to easily find, listen and license music for a wide range of different projects. You can reach Mango via email ( with all of your licensing questions. Check out their website: