Start Conversing with Your Video Viewers

Having a business now-a-days means being available as well as engaging. Availability comes in the form of social media platforms; engagement comes in the form of the content you put out there. Video, for one, is the more engaging format for content delivery.

In order to help you continue (as well as increase) a sense of engagement and interaction within your consumer community, Viddler has a cool feature for you to enable on your online video content: It’s our In-video Commenting and Tagging tool.

With this tool, you control who can comment and tag your videos, as well who can view these comments and tags. Enable the tool on individual videos, sets of videos, or on all of your videos. Decide if the comments will automatically appear within your videos, or if you prefer to review and approve them first before the public sees them.

Comments can not only be made in the form of text, but your community can record a video of themselves making the comment and post it right in your video!

In order for you to stay involved and on top of the conversation, set up your Viddler account to alert by email of any new comment and tag – it’s pretty simple.

See how you can take conversation to an entirely new level with Viddler’s In-video Commenting and Tagging feature: