Subscriptions Improvements Deployed

Viddler’s adding a few improvements to the dashboard of our Subscriptions customers i.e., those who have subscribers to their video content:

  1. Timed tags display below a Subscription video on the “show video page”
    A Subscriptions customer will now have the ability to display timed tags below the corresponding video in a Subscription set. Video subscribers can view the timed tags simply by clicking the time hyperlink directly within the tags. This feature can be enabled for additional fee.  Contact for additional information.
  2. Expiration date for Subscriptions-based promotional codes
    Viddler Subscriptions customers can now set an expiration date for each promo code they create; no longer having to remove the promo code once the campaign ends.

If you’re a Viddler Subscriptions customer, check out your dashboard to view the latest improvements.