Tunefruit Is the Adjuvant in Video Music Search

By Huckleberry / Tunefruit.com


Adjuvant. Yep, that’s a real word. And yes, we had to look it up, too. Basically, it’s something that will help something else, but in medical terms. So, let’s say you’re searching for the perfect piece of music for your video and after a few frustrating hours you check out Tunefruit.com. In two minutes you have the perfect track. That makes Tunefruit the adjuvant. Tunefruit aided you to increase your effectiveness to find killer music. The more you know.

So, how do we know such crazy vocab here? Well Huck, our intern, came across some really cool studies about music’s role in the health care field. Music in health care isn’t anything new, mind you. The Greeks and the Romans employed musicians to heal and fortify the soul in their “spas,” among other things, but we’ll move right along. …

Really cool things are happening in modern medicine, too. Let’s look at music’s ability to control pain. Now, your doctor isn’t going to be writing you a prescription in the form of a mix-tape anytime soon.

tapeBut there are mounds of evidence showing that music can actually direct your brain to release chemicals that not only decrease pain, but also INCREASE happiness. What are these two fantastically magical chemicals, you ask?

1.    Endogenous Opiates
These are summed up by your peppy yoga instructor as endorphins. They decrease pain and make you happy. Real simple.

2.     Oxytocin
This one probably sounds familiar, right? Go back to the Greeks and the Romans for a second, and look at what they were doing in those spas. Let’s just say that Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone.” It’s present in any and every bonding process.

So, it’s not just Tunefruit that is your adjuvant for finding groovy tunes, the tunes themselves are an adjuvant for creating your perfect film, which makes the viewer happy, and actually creates some form of bond between the viewer and the film. Even Harry Potter can’t do magic like that.

About the Author:
Huckleberry (@tunefruit) hails from Connecticut. After a short stint of walking the streets of NYC at 4 a.m. (with a tuba), he finally had enough dough for a bus ticket to Atlanta where he graciously accepted the job of “overworked, underpaid intern.” After all, what’s a berry gonna do with money? Check out their Website: www.tunefruit.com.