Viddler: Making life easier

Organization is the key to Viddler’s latest feature set. We’re now offering a Multi-user Sign on that will allow multiple users to sign into a Viddler account with their own username and password, and designated permissions. In addition to this convenient feature, you also have the ability to sort videos within a playlist by alphabetical order. Both of these features just make sense to the overall ease-of-use of our platform; making life a bit easier.

Multi-user Sign on

Although we can’t add an extra hour to the day, we can get you some extra hands on deck. …

You can now get some extra help managing your Viddler account with Multi-user Sign on. Decide who can access your dashboard, setup their own Viddler username and password, and choose what they will have access to in your account. Select who can view and/or manage certain videos or playlists, who can edit account or billing settings, and for those customers with sub-accounts, you can set permissions for accessing these accounts as well, which makes managing your content easier and more productive.

Alphabetical Sorting

Being organized is the key to running any business smoothly. So, why not manage your videos smoothly? With our latest playlist update, you can sort the videos in each of your playlists by alphabetical order – ascending or descending – your choice. You’ll also notice that your Regular Playlists can be sorted using the same options that are available to you now in your Smart Playlists.

Learning Center

Viddler has launched its Learning Center. It’s full of rich, educational content including webinars, case studies and easy-reading whitepapers. If you’re logged into your Viddler account, you can access the Learning Center from the bottom right of your dashboard; if you’re logged out, you’ll find it in the header navigation. Please take a look at this much-needed section and feel free to offer any feedback on additional info you’d like to see us to publish.