Viddler’s Partner Alliance Program


In order to help you get the most out of your online videos, Viddler has partnered with a handful of  outside video service providers to expand upon our full-featured online video platform.

Introducing, Viddler’s Partner Alliance Program! We’ve gathered teammates in each critical area of online video so that you can obtain all of the functionality you need in one, convenient spot.

Visit for more information on each of our online video partnerships … a collaboration that will easily get you the most out of your online video content!

Video Production Partner

We’ve teamed up with SoMedia Networks, which provides resale, white-label and on-demand video production services.

Advertising Partner

We’ve chosen SpotXchange as our advertising team member. It is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory and the leader in programmatic buying and selling of video.

Translation Partner is collaborating with Viddler to help clients communicate and conduct business more effectively with their technology-enabled language solutions, which drastically reduce the time, effort and costs associated with the localization process.

Soundtracks Partner

We’ve teamed up with Tunefruit, a modern music marketplace that allows you to easily search for any soundtrack to compliment your videos.

Video Tagging Partner

Viddler has selected wireWAX as our tagging partner, allowing anyone to add hotspots to moving people and objects in video to build interactive experiences and create shop-able video.

Transcriptions Partner

Speechpad is Viddler’s transcriptions teammate, providing the highest-quality, lowest-cost Closed Captioning (CC) and transcription services.