We’re Lunching & Learning

Team Viddler started a new concept, internally, to expand our online video knowledge base – it’s called the Viddler Lunch & Learn. At least once a month, we all gather over the lunch break for a presentation by a fellow co-worker who brings us up to speed on their department, in addition to discussing future changes that can impact our platform, so that we’re better prepared to support customers and prospects.

Last week, we had the first Lunch & Learn with a twist … one of Viddler’s customers, Tucker Hottes, Technology Development Manager for Interactive Media at Times-Shamrock Communications, did the presenting. Based out of Scranton, Pa., Times-Shamrock utilizes Viddler to deliver breaking news stories fast by way of video.

A big “thank you” to Tucker for taking the trip down to Bethlehem to enlighten Team Viddler on the number ways he and his team use our platform and features, which is helping us to better serve other customers who are in the same boat.

Cheers to learning, and continuing to provide stellar customer support!