4 Ways to Make Learning fit Your Lifestyle

The internet allows any person to have access to information, information that can lead to curiosity, interest, and eventually learning. However, working people are busy and need learning lifestyle options to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Video and audio help people work smarter, not harder because content is delivered visually and in-ear to aid in comprehension. This control with video allows for learning online or offline, with more time or less time, and learning at your own pace.

1. Combat interruptions

Learning Lifestyle - Busy Desk

One problem that halts a learning lifestyle is interruptions. Interruptions happen all the time at work and at home. Getting interrupted when watching a video can be even more frustrating because it can be hard to figure out where you left off.

Skip back and jump forward video controls allow you deal with a phone call or a conversation with the boss and then go back and review what you just learned. Take the guess work out of learning and manipulate your technology to make learning work for your lifestyle. Alternatively, being able to review previous information already covered will help solidify stated material.

2. Learn more in less time

Learning Lifestyle - At Work

Use speed controls to decide how you learn. In a typical recorded presentation, you hear a speaker drone on and on about a very important topic, however you can’t help but doze off and daydream. Obviously, this is not the optimal way to learn.

Using video controls designed for learning can help fix the day-dream problem. You control your pace of comprehension by manipulating the course presentation. Speeding up playback makes the presentation quicker for you to learn, and helps keep you engaged on the important information.

3. Take learning on the go

Learning Lifestyle - Exercise

We all know the drill, you have to be at work, make dinner, and take the kids to three different afterschool activities — and there is not enough time to do it all. But with a smartphone or a tablet, learning does not have to suffer or stop because you are busy.

Avoiding learning because of a busy schedule does not need to happen. Listen and learn during your commute, business trip, or long plane ride with offline video downloading or video podcasts. Watch a learning video during your workout on the treadmill to pass time quicker. Or, review a previous lesson during the hour you wait for your kid at ballet class.

4. Make learning a habit

Learning Lifestyle - Multi-device

Every teacher in history has said that you shouldn’t cram for a test the night before, so why would you try to learn all your online learning material at one time?

Doing a little bit of learning everyday can help make it easier. Instead, be flexible with your methods in accomplishing the task to create your learning lifestyle.

If you have a lot to learn, commit to learning for 30 minutes and then stop and do something else. If needed, use resumable playback to switch to a different device, without ever losing your place, so your learning never has to suffer.

Video and audio gives busy people the option of learning when it works for them to help make learning a lifestyle.

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