7 Myths About Instructional Video: Which One is Limiting You?

“Truly interactive online video allows for training reinforcement via webcam or mobile recording regardless of the trainee’s location or schedule. It also provides a more efficient way to deliver instructional content in the first place.”

Here are seven myths and misconceptions about instructional video, published in Learning Solutions Magazine this week:

Myth #1: Everything worth learning can (and should) be reduced to bite-sized, two-minute videos

Shorter is not always better. Very often, important skills require longer demonstrations or more explanation. Think about what makes a good live training session, then apply those rules to a video. If the instructor is engaging and informative, a longer live session or video won’t be a problem. If he or she drones on (“Anyone? Anyone?”), then minutes will seem like hours.

Long lectures are problematic, whether live or on-demand. But for video, the secret is not just making it shorter, but also making it more engaging. Think about it—a good instructor inserts questions, shows examples, provides supplemental material, and requires feedback and response in class. Online video should let you do just that.

Overall video length is important. Shorter can be better—but for training video, interactivity is much more important.

Read the rest of the article on the Learning Solutions Magazine website.


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