Another Way to Easily Create Video

Last week, we described 7 ways to create video content for eLearning. We wanted to add another important approach: animated “explainer videos.”

In our October 15 blog, we recommended that eLearning professionals expand their notion of what video is. Thinking of video content as more than professionally-produced and scripted footage is the key to an affordable training content strategy. However, we left out an important category.

Animated “explainer videos,” such as those produced by Simpleshow, are part of the professionally produced video category, but with some important distinctions. There are no live actors (unless you count the occasional hands that draw or move the graphic elements) and no studio or location shooting. There is still a cost factor, but often considerably lower than traditional video.

Perhaps the greatest distinction for this type of video is the potential for simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand visual sequences. With the right creative and production team, explainer videos can be an important training tool.

Interactivity Is Still the Key

Making it interactive and engaging is the challenge for all types of video, and explainer videos are no exception. Even with a well-conceived, well-executed piece (see above example), it is always a good idea to add elements that keep it from being a passive viewing experience. In-timeline questions or expert annotations are good examples. Interactive transcripts (for searchability) and chapters are also valuable, as is the ability to track individual viewing and interaction.

It’s important to have the clearest, best quality video possible. It’s also important to make it an active learning experience.

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