Ask these 3 Questions for Better Training in 2016

2016 is here, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. This year many businesses are planning on implementing new policies and processes and need a way to train their employees on the updates. In order to train effectively, business are starting or updating new online training programs using video. These companies understand video is the best training delivery tool and want to scale and/or bring consistency to their teams.

To make these goals happen, training managers need to ask these three questions:

1. Ask: What changes in the company are being asked for?

List out what changes the management or executive teams want to see made across the company. These changes can be anything: a more consistent process across the company, instilling a new corporate culture, or reducing time spent on road for training.

In addition, list out what changes the team is asking for. These changes will be what employees have said verbally or seen through observations. For example, someone may be overheard saying “I wish it were easier to find our product demos” or seeing undesired behaviors may prove there is a need for re-vamped training.

2. Ask: How will we create engaging courses and content this year?

Engaging content through interactive video is easier to understand and comprehend instead of using Powerpoints or text to train. To make online training engaging, determine what videos to create and how they could be structured in courses. While designing the intended course, develop it with interactivity integrated into the plan to keep engagement high.

Throughout the video courses consider adding:

    • Chapters/table of contents to make it easy to find the most relevant part of the learning material
    • Comments which enable users to share thoughts with others to promote a higher form of collaborative learning
    • Quizzing at specific points in the video to assess understanding and if there is a need for further coaching
    • Recording assignments which require learners to demonstrate their understanding of the course material and track their own progress

3. Ask: How will we track performance that proves effectiveness?

The best training programs focus on improving skills reinforcement. These high performing programs constantly seek to answer if people are understanding and applying the skills learned in the courses.

The best ways to track skills improvement through online training are:

    • Analytics and tracking help determine those using the courses and if they are participating or dropping out mid-way throughout the course
    • Learners responding to questions and quizzes throughout the content. This responsive data should also tie into an LMS if the company uses one
    • To look for changes in job-behavior such as more sales closed or quicker turn arounds on assignments
    • Getting direct feedback from the team using the training courses. A manager should gather their likes/dislikes to help improve user experience

With these three questions answered you are now well equipped to start your program in confidence.

Happy Training in 2016!

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