Your healthcare network’s 2 biggest challenges over the next 12 months

The economy is hot. Every industry is feeling the pinch when hiring and retaining great employees. This is especially true for a rapidly-growing sector like healthcare. There’s also been an unprecedented number of healthcare network acquisitions in the last 24 months. Today’s healthcare networks have to contend with a kind of competition they just haven’t […]

Scenario Building in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve recently launched the first ever digital scenario based training module that doesn’t prompt the learner to answer pre-selected questions. Why is this important?   Most digital scenario based training involves viewing a video with questions during or at the end of the video followed by some kind of grading or scoring. But if you’re […]

The Sales Person’s Travel Planner

I’m in a rather odd position: I sell sales enablement technology. It’s sort of like a musician writing songs about guitars. Because I live and breathe sales technique, I’m always on the hunt for new material, new techniques—not just to sharpen my skills, but also to help feed the information channels of our sales coaching […]

More Sales in Less Time

As Viddler strengthens its platform in sales training—and since I’m a sales guy myself—I thought it wise to keep my sales tools sharp, to practice what we preach, as it were. So, I’m always on the hunt for great techniques to incorporate into my “workout routine.” I’m happy to say I found another one: Jill […]

What Actually Qualifies as a Sales Enablement Tool?

The term “Sales Enablement” covers a wide range of offerings, and has many definitions and qualifiers. But not everyone agrees on what it really is. Software vendors use one definition, CRM vendors use another, research firms use still another. You and your boss probably have different definitions. Your sales coach (if you have one) almost […]

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Professional Communications

The concept of emotional intelligence is a relatively new one in psychology. Although the term first appeared in the mid-1960s, it wasn’t until Daniel Goldman’s 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, that it became mainstream. We’ve been using it ever sense—to understand more about becoming successful. Turning to my own field, it turns out that being a […]

6 of the Best Sales Training Skills Anyone Can Use

If you’ve been in the sales game for awhile, you already know these, and practice them instinctively. So this will be a refresher. But if you’re new to the sales profession—or know someone who is—take a look at this breakdown of basic selling skills, and why they are important. As Daniel Pink and others have […]