The Viddler Journey

Viddler’s original “brag line” is that we’ve delivered billions of views, on millions of videos, for thousands of clients, in hundreds of countries around the globe. Thinking back over the past decade of delivering on this promise, there are some outstanding clients that marked our journey from being a user-generated content “destination site” (think YouTube) […]

Leader of the Pack?

There are many popular misconceptions about wolf packs, especially when we over-simplify phrases like “alpha male” or “alpha female” and use them to explain human interaction and teamwork. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from the way hunting animals rely on each other to survive and even thrive. Case in point: The photo […]

People Hate Change (and What Can Be Done About It)

It’s normal to be change-resistant. Think about some over-used sayings. ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “Leave well enough alone.” “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Marty Rubin famously quipped, “It’s not easy to change things. Things fight back.” The point is, we all resist, even when we know better. There are […]

Viddler’s History of Interactive Sales Training

In 2005, Viddler created interactive video technology that enabled children to really engage with video. When the video character asked “where’s my lunchbox?”, the child watching could click the video on the missing lunchbox and the character would say “thank you!” As the video continued to play, various interactions, assessments really, were presented the the […]

The Sharing Economy: Paying it Forward in 2017

We’re all familiar with the sharing economy. There’s sharing your home (airbnb) or just your couch (couch surfing). You can share a car parked nearby (zipcar) or have a complete stranger share his car and drive you anywhere (Uber). These services let us share commodities, space, and other, under-utilized resources. But what happens when we […]

Interactive Training Basics: You Were Taught, but Did You Learn?

Interactive training, whether in-person or online, is just one part of the learning process. Whether you’re a professional sales trainer or a proactive team leader or mentor, you need to know how humans learn—and assimilate that knowledge into their daily lives. There are many perspectives on the learning process, but the most helpful overview I’ve […]