What’s Wrong with Using Learning Styles?

Reflections from DevLearn: Can preconceptions about learners limit their ability to learn? At last week’s DevLearn event in Las Vegas, we launched a new survey. We’re asking L&D professionals their opinions on Neil Fleming’s (and others’) model—that individuals fall into distinct learning styles, like Visual, Auditory, Read-Write, and Kinesthetic. (If you’re reading this before October […]

Send In The Training Reinforcements

With interactive video training, businesses can apply learning reinforcement techniques needed to keep sales training from evaporating. Not everyone is a born salesman. Effective sales techniques can be taught in the classroom (real or virtual), but too often that training disappears very quickly if the material is not reinforced. In his 2013 ATD blog, Sales […]

What Really Matters in the Flash Debate

Technology companies should serve the needs of the end user, even when it’s hard to do. In a recent TechCrunch article, LiveRail’s head of client services Vijay Balan posed the familiar “Flash is Dead” argument, using some unnecessarily harsh rhetoric (i.e., “the upcoming Flash-pocalypse.”) As expected, this stirred up a snarky flash debate between partisans […]

The Secret to Scenario-Based Learning

eLearning Applications for Interactive Video Earlier this year, Viddler commissioned an intensive research survey of learning and development (L&D) professionals. Our goal was to better understand their views and priorities on the subject of interactive video in workforce development. The first hurdle we discovered is that many in the L&D world do not have a […]

What IS Interactive Video, Anyway?

When someone uses the phrase, “interactive video,” what do they mean? The answer may surprise you. Online video has been with us since the early 2000s. As popularized by YouTube, the ability to watch videos on demand is part of our digital culture. But what are people actually doing when they watch that inspirational clip? […]

The Player’s The Thing: What is Interactive Learning?

This blog post was originally published on elearningindustry.com. eLearning Industry is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning industry, serving 45,000 + email subscribers. Online video means different things to different people. Further, when it comes to interactive video learning, there is no clear public trend — at least for now. For […]

Video-Powered Learning

C-SPAN’s StudentCam 2015 contest receives a record number of submissions (and votes) For the past six years, the C-SPAN Classroom service has used Viddler’s Contest Manager to conduct its annual StudentCam competition for U.S. high school and middle school students. Each group creates and submits a short documentary on an issue of national importance, and […]

Interactive Video Player to be Showcased at TechKnowledge 2015

Bethlehem, PA ● January 7, 2015 — Interactive video provider Viddler will be showing the latest version of its interactive video player, Arpeggio, at the upcoming ATD TechKnowledge conference (#atdtk) in Las Vegas, January 14-16. Incorporating Viddler’s patented timeline commenting technology, the Arpeggio player provides significant benefits for trainers, distance learning companies, and corporate communications departments. Founded in 2005, […]

Doing Radio on TV

Every disruptive media technology goes through a phase where its proponents really don’t understand its applications or potential — but use it anyway. Invariably, they do what they’ve always done with their familiar medium, and hope that somehow it will work in the new. They’re usually wrong. Early TV shows featured former radio dramas and […]