Engagement or Experience… What would JFK say?

In JFK’s 1961 Inaugural Address, he delivered the famous imperatives: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” When I consider today’s hyper-competitive hiring and employee-retention challenges, I say to CEOs and HR VPs: “Ask not what your company can do for your employees… but rather […]

Where would you land if your employees rated you in the top 6?

Our healthcare client leaders tell us their employees most enjoy informal engaged learning about each other, their organization, leadership’s plan and of course their own career options – especially during times of organizational change.  Leaders further agreed that best results came from a consistent strategy that invites personal employee sharing, earns rewards and always informs. […]

Seeking a proven formula for employee engagement and retention?

Our clients are hospital leaders of HR and Communication. They’re consistently engaging over 50% of employee headcount – bi weekly. That’s more than double the prior best for them. How? Start with 4 steps to boost awareness, pride, and the culture of your hospital:  Build an engaging rewards program – to encourage participation, sharing, and […]

Guess who was named one of the 50 Most Empowering Women in Business?

As light pours into the large windows of our converted warehouse office at Pi: Partnership for Innovation, we talk candidly about the challenges of a 10-year old business in startup mode. Behind it all, is a humble yet brilliant leader, our co-founder Donna DeMarco. Recently, Donna DeMarco was recognized for her success and named one […]

Being “Pitch Perfect” is Not Just for the Birds

We can learn a lot from the way songbirds learn perfect pitch. A bird’s ability to sing is a core, fundamental skill, but it doesn’t happen right away. Scientists from UCSF tell us that birds must train their voices from an early age. “When zebra finches are born, they don’t make a peep for 30 […]

What Salespeople Can Learn from a Legendary American All-Star

Today is baseball legend Jackie Robinson’s birthday. You know the name—even if you’re not a sports buff. But what does Jackie and his legacy have to do with your success in your sales career? Let me recap, for those who have not seen the excellent 2013 movie, “42.” In 1947, Jackie broke through baseball’s color […]