Answering the Greatest Question in Healthcare Marketing

The Chief Marketing Officer of a large Northeastern health network was vexed. The network had over ten-thousand employees, but nowhere near that many social media followers. The network’s doctors and nurses did a top-notch job of caring for patients. But they didn’t seem to know about their colleagues’ accomplishments. It didn’t matter how many tweets […]

Viddler welcomes a new QA and customer support specialist!

Welcome to Avery Mixon, Viddler’s new QA and customer support specialist! We’re pumped to welcome Avery to our team. Avery’s a cool dude with a very particular set of skills. Skills he’s acquired over his seven-month-long internship at Viddler. Skills that make him a nightmare for bugs in our software. Avery’s also got a very […]

In healthcare, disengaged workers aren’t just HR’s problem

It’s little wonder employee engagement is a buzz phrase in the corporate world. It costs a lot to onboard a new employee – and even more if that employee decides to leave the workplace in a matter of months. HR specialists have long wondered how to recruit the best candidates and how to retain them […]

Check Skills Using Video

At a recent family get-together, my aunt told me about a “special” outing she took with her staff over the summer. She heads up safety for a large university and wanted to take her staff out for ice cream, but she had an ulterior motive as well. My aunt used the outing as a training […]

How Zapier Makes Life Easier

The scenario: You want to create users in your Video Training Suite (VTS) automatically from another system that you manage. However, you do not have the ability to use an API. In addition to needing an API, you may not have the time or the specific skillset to make this a priority within your company. […]

Disruption: A Tale of Two Industries

Disruption is a popular term these days. Everyone wants to disrupt in their respective industries, but few actually get it right. If done well, disruption can not only challenge the status quo but also change the way we think. In the article,  3 Major Things Social Media Can Teach Us About UX, author Sean McGowan […]

Corporate Training & Customization

Recently, I came across an old Forbes article that linked advertising and training, “Staff training budgets are like advertising budgets; you can waste a sizeable chunk telling the wrong people the wrong things, but as with advertising, developments in technology are giving companies less and less excuse for doing so.” This is potential good news […]

The Art of the Email Subject Line

Believe me, people tend to make snap judgements about incoming emails based in part on the subject line. Even if you’re not super busy, you’re likely to ignore and/or delete any email whose subject line doesn’t pass the “is-this-legit?” test. I’ve been on both sides of the email subject line: the person crafting it and […]

The Misleading Debate Over Text “Versus” Video

Here’s a question that plagues trainers and eLearning professionals: “When teaching or learning something new, do you prefer video or text?” Frankly, it is the wrong question. According to “everyone,” video is supposed to be the most powerful way to learn. Many assume that online video inherently makes eLearning better or more effective. So, they […]

Musings of a Busy Software Trainer

I work for a small technology company, Creative Edge Software. Our product, while amazingly effective and affordable, is at times difficult to master. Partly this is because our brilliant U.K. engineers keep adding new features. Even though the universe of potential users is smaller than, say, Photoshop, they still need to be trained. There’s also […]