What does it really mean to find a career you love?

Valentine’s day is all about the people we love. But “love” is used in different ways. Penelope Trunk argues that “Finding a career you love” is bad career advice. If that’s true, then I’m among the guilty. A few years ago, a trip back my alma mater (to talk to students about my career) prompted […]

Step-By-Step Sales Coaching by the Numbers

To conclude this series on sales coaching, here’s a step-by-step guide for using a “Coaching by the Numbers” process to get each representative on your sales development team up to an optimal level of cold-calling success. STEP 1 — Get rigorous about creating a list of call dispositions that work for coaching. This is the […]

The Problem with KPIs in Coaching Your Sales Team

Part 3 of 4 In this series, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about call outcomes and call dispositions as ways to identify coaching milestones—who to coach and what to coach them on. There are in fact many common CRM dispositions that map directly and reliably onto coachable phases that every sales development conversation […]

Chipping Out of the Sales Sandtrap—By Mapping Call Dispositions

Part Two of Four Conversations, like golf swings, come in distinct parts. For the golf swing, we have the setup; backswing; transition; downswing; impact; and follow-through. For sales development conversations, we have opening and agreement to engage; communicating value; offering the meeting; agreeing to the meeting (or not); and collaborating to set the meeting. Most […]

How Designers Are The Salespeople of Creativity

Recently, one of my coworkers wrote on how he became an accidental salesperson. (You can read that article here). One quote stood out to me: “I slowly built up my skills and reputation, and started making more sales. One thing became painfully obvious: in sales, you must continue learning.” As a graphic and web designer, […]

How to Get Closer to an Ideal Sales Coaching Strategy This Year

In sales, coaching and training are two terms that have often been used interchangeably, without distinction or clarity. It’s time for a change. Heading into 2017, we’d like to help make a clear distinction between sales training and coaching—and let you know which strategy we think  works. Coaching vs. Training vs. Evaluation First, sales coaching […]

2017 Resolutions (Part 2) – Don’t Go It Alone

In the first part of this blog, I talked about every salesperson’s 2017 resolutions to “get in shape” when it comes to sales skills. This time, let’s dwell on the subject of creating better habits and building better discipline. As I mentioned before, these resolutions are best kept when working with others. When it comes […]

2017 Resolutions (Part 1) – Time to Hit the Gym

As we enter a new year, we tend to think more about getting “into shape.” It’s a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, and optimism that NOW is the time to act. For many of us in sales, the new year is a great time to make changes and adjustments to create the best […]

Why Body Language Matters in Sales

Sales professionals often fail to recognize how much noticeable information they emit with their bodies. Watch your body language and close more sales. You get back what you put out. Unless you control your body, it’s telling your clients something you don’t want them to know. Your words may be spot-on but your body is […]

Holiday Season Lessons for Sales Teams

December is upon us! The holiday spirit is everywhere, and we all try to live it up. It’s a time we’re allowed to be gluttonous, spend money, and have fun. Even if you’re not especially religious, however, there’s more to it than that. On the Facebook page for Cameron Diaz’s latest work, The Longevity Book, […]