3 Things Professional Trainers Can Learn from Pokémon GO

By now, you’re probably tired of news stories and blogs about Pokémon GO. But if you’re a professional trainer—especially if you care about gamification and training—you should read at least one more. While Pokémon GO (or PG) can be seen merely as something millennials play to relive a childhood pastime, it has potential to be […]

What Does 360 Degree Video Mean for Online Training?

360 degree videos have been popping up everywhere and the trend is not going away. Big companies are latching onto the power of 360 degree video to tell stories, highlight products, and showcase experiences. But, can this technology be used for training purposes? Social platforms, creative production houses, and game developers have created 360 degree […]

7 Ways to Help Your Sales Team Grow

Sales leaders and front-line managers are constantly looking for ways to make their sales meetings more effective, interesting, and useful. One of the best ways to improve a team’s performance is to dissect sales presentations as a group. Managers sometimes do this by conducting postmortems, which involve analyzing what went wrong with particular deals. Other […]

Where does User data Go with Video Embeds?

We hear this a lot: “I’ve been using YouTube or Vimeo to embed video in my LMS, but I need user tracking for my videos.” Sound familiar? Here are some important things to know about using video with your learning system. User data from your LMS are extremely comprehensive—as they should be. However, many players (especially […]

Is Your Training Foundation Secure?

No one disputes the notion that skills and knowledge within a company are foundational to its success. Training, mentoring, and plain old experience are the means to that end. But when it comes to training, we’re often “too busy mopping the floor to turn off the water.” Let’s face it. Training is one of those […]

Video Trends to Care About in 2016

2015 brought a lot of attention to the use of video; from Facebook offering an endless scroll video feed to the eLearning industry captivating the teaching powers of video. Video teaches the world how to tie a tie, bake a new recipe, or learn a new language. But what is next to come for video? […]

7 Sales Training Mistakes To Avoid

Companies spend billions of dollars on sales training each year, yet most training fails to have long-term impact. It doesn’t drive the behavior change necessary for true sales performance improvement. The result: billions of dollars wasted on short-term boosts in sales at best. Training can fail right away when it doesn’t go well, or it […]

DIY Video is Right for Trainers [VIDEO]

Do-it-yourself video is not just for bloggers. Training professionals can create very effective video content at a surprisingly low cost. Guest blogger and eLearning guru Tim Slade shares his tips for doing it well. Besides getting the right equipment (again, not all that costly), there are some basic best practices for filming and editing DIY […]

What Happens When Sales Training Isn’t Reinforced

Without even the slightest prodding from you, every night your sales team goes home and curls up by the fire with their cup of General Foods International Coffee, sets Pandora on the Yianni channel, and reviews their sales training binders over and over again. Right. If you don’t reinforce sales training, make it easy for […]