7 Sales Training Mistakes To Avoid

Companies spend billions of dollars on sales training each year, yet most training fails to have long-term impact. It doesn’t drive the behavior change necessary for true sales performance improvement. The result: billions of dollars wasted on short-term boosts in sales at best. Training can fail right away when it doesn’t go well, or it […]

DIY Video is Right for Trainers [VIDEO]

Do-it-yourself video is not just for bloggers. Training professionals can create very effective video content at a surprisingly low cost. Guest blogger and eLearning guru Tim Slade shares his tips for doing it well. Besides getting the right equipment (again, not all that costly), there are some basic best practices for filming and editing DIY […]

What Happens When Sales Training Isn’t Reinforced

Without even the slightest prodding from you, every night your sales team goes home and curls up by the fire with their cup of General Foods International Coffee, sets Pandora on the Yianni channel, and reviews their sales training binders over and over again. Right. If you don’t reinforce sales training, make it easy for […]

5 Rules for Creating Relevant and Fluff-free Content (INFOGRAPHIC)

Whether you’re designing interactive courseware, a PowerPoint deck for a live training event, or the script and storyboard for an instructional video, these 5 rules will serve you well. Information overload is a common pitfall that eLearning designers should be wary of. Your goal should be to create a course that packs in only that […]

4 Ways to Make Learning fit Your Lifestyle

The internet allows any person to have access to information, information that can lead to curiosity, interest, and eventually learning. However, working people are busy and need learning lifestyle options to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Video and audio help people work smarter, not harder because content is delivered visually and in-ear […]

5 Tips for Saving Time with Video

Videos are often added to learning materials to make them more engaging. However, those engaging videos are also time consuming. Your employees and students have no way of knowing if there’s an introduction that could be skipped. Maybe there’s a topic in the video that’s not as relevant to their learning needs? Unlike text-based content, […]

Training and Responsive Design (Your Phone is Not a TV!)

This blog post was originally published on elearningindustry.com. eLearning Industry is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning industry, serving 45,000 + email subscribers. Training and Responsive Design Your smart device isn’t a tiny tv. It seems that when we try to create responsive pages for training, we don’t actually think about […]

4 ways interactive video makes learning easier for busy employees

It doesn’t take long for a busy person’s schedule to fill up. Responsibilities at home and work deter employees from completing additional training outside of their normal duties. Lack of time makes implementing new products or processes impossible. At least this used to be the case before e-learning and online video. But online video alone […]

How to Determine the Right Video for Your Goals

Revolutionize Business with Video, Part 3 In Part 2 of our series, we established goals for video and identified meaningful video metrics. At this stage, it is important to identify which videos will work better toward achieving those goals. Each headline below discusses one of the goals from Part 2.Below each goal, you can find […]

Gamification: Make Training Engaging with Video

Businesses – take a lesson from video game creators. Keeping employees engaged in work and training has always been a challenge. Employees are rarely rewarded for their time and energy spent on training programs. With only 30% of U.S. employees engaged at work, many argue the crisis is due to ineffective training practices. Fortunately, with […]