The SEO Benefits of Video

Survey says: If you have a video on your website, you are 53 times more likely to increase your first page search engine rank. Another survey says: You are likely to increase click-through rates by 41 percent by incorporating video content on your website, opposed to plain text. So the question becomes, “What steps do […]

Are You Serious about Online Video?

Here are five eye-opening facts that might get you a bit more serious about incorporating online video into your business strategy: 169 million people – 75% of U.S. Internet users – watch online videos. Globally, that percentage increases to 82%! On Facebook, videos are shared 12 times more than text and links combined. Video views […]

How to: Creating Video Sitemaps

Customers who have access to our API can quickly and easily create video sitemaps for their content. Video sitemaps will enable search engines to easily find and recognize your content. It will also give you the ability to have your videos themselves appear in search engine results (not guaranteed). To read more about video sitemaps […]

How human is the Viddler API?

Have no idea about API design but would like to learn more? Check out our API Webinar. After reading Noah Lorang of 37signal’s post API design for humans I got to thinking… how human is the Viddler API? We agree with Noah. It is now more important than ever to have a solid API design, documentation, and example […]

Make Your Online Video Interactive, Social, and Engaging

Viddler’s in-video tagging and commenting feature allows you and your viewers to interact within the video. By using our full player, you are given the option to leave a text or video comment and a tag right on the video timeline. By making your video public, you give your viewers the ability to interact with […]

Interact With In-Video Tags

The Web is incredibly social. Social media has provided a platform for anyone to have a voice on anything. We now have the ability to express our every thought on any topic we can wildly imagine. The reality is that there are people out there that will not only listen, they will interact. “I’m with […]

Interview with High Scalability – 7 Million Embeds a Day

Recently our very own Systems Architect, Todd Troxell, took a little time out of his busy schedule to sit down with High Scalability and share the details on Viddler’sarchitecture.  High Scalability describes Viddler’s architecture as, “It’s an interesting mix of different technologies, groups, and processes, but it somehow seems to all work.” Check out the […]