Check out our free video check-up!

We’re self-improvement junkies here at Viddler HQ.

Our president is a health-food guy, our director-of-production won’t sit still, and our sys admin recently installed an under-the-desk elliptical. But we’re not just trying to be our best selves. We’re always looking for ways to improve our product and services, too.

That “things-can-always-be-better” attitude inspires all our improvements. And this month, we’re feeling especially inspired to help you improve your health network. That’s why we’re excited to announce our free 2018 Video Check-up.

What’s a video check-up? It’s an expert assessment of your video technology across the most-common use cases for video in healthcare. We’ll review your current use of video in your marketing, recruiting, training, and patient education. If you’re not using best practices in any one of these areas, we will let you know where you can improve- completely for free.

We’ve learned a lot about our healthcare clients over the past 12 years. We used the data we’ve collected to determine definitively what works in video-based learning, marketing, and recruitment efforts in health networks nationwide. Why give away these insights? We know just how hard our healthcare clients work to improve their patients’ lives. If we can help you help your community, we’re not only improving one health network’s video technology- we’re improving a little piece of the world.

And that seems pretty inspired, if you ask us.

So don’t wait. Sign up for your free video check-up, today!

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