College Won’t Prepare You For Sales, But This Will

According to the Washington Post, undergraduate business degrees in finance, accounting, marketing, and business management account for about 20% of bachelor’s degrees awarded each year. And now, for the first time, MBAs are the most popular postgraduate degree, surpassing Masters of Education programs. But for all those business programs, sales takes a backseat in course curriculum.

This is so backwards when you realize so many people start off in entry-level sales positions. While some business degrees may touch on sales, very few schools offer a degree in sales. For sales professionals who wants to up their game—or for those who want to start in sales, college is not a great choice. It’s expensive and there are few options available. There has to be a better way to learn..

Viddler looked into many successful sales training programs and studies to develop sales enablement tools to help improve individual and sales team performance. The result is a system that follows the training approach that works well for physical, athletic skills.

Top performing salespeople and professional athletes have one, very big thing in common. THEY PRACTICE.

The best sales training teams know that success requires continuous refining and improvement. Consistent practice is crucial to success, but something more is needed. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is just not true. Practice makes permanent. If you keep applying the incorrect method over and over, it eventually becomes a habit that is hard-wired in your brain. Sometimes it’s difficult to see in yourself, and what you may be doing wrong. That’s where our online sales coaching helps you adjust. The point is you don’t want to be drilling something wrong into your habits. It’s perfect practice that makes perfect.

Imagine someone who wants to become an excellent basketball player taking one of three methods of practicing:

  1. Watch collegiate or NBA games and then go out on the court for a pick-up game. This is what most salespeople do. They understand the overall concept and they wing it. You may get a few points and good plays, but you are mostly hoping for easy teams to play against. Otherwise you will not keep up.
  2. Systematically learn  about basketball basics, watch how experts do it, and then practice yourself. Learn how to properly dribble, pass, and shoot. Use a model of practicing against an ideal, proven method. By putting in the hours of practice with this model, you will see improvement.
  3. A third approach adds one more element to the second: coaching. By having a partner with you—practicing and giving live feedback—you will see explosive growth. Your partner suggests small changes to make with each action, that you implement right away and improve your routine.

College Won’t Prepare You For Sales, But This Will Graph

Everyone understand this concept for fast growth in sports, so let’s apply this exactly to your sales career.

Here is how we practice perfectly to get fast, explosive growth:

Learn Core Concepts – This includes mastering fundamentals such as preventing objections, better value propositions and pre-call planning. These subjects cover basics to advanced areas that every salesperson needs to master in order to succeed.

See Demonstrations of Proven Models – Our sales training expert Michael St Lawrence shows you exactly what to say and do in each situation. Seeing the perfect demonstration allows you to model your response exactly, so there is no need to guess if what you are doing is correct.

Practice – Here is where you commit what you learned to memory and demonstrate it yourself. The constant practice allows you to perform smoothly, under pressure—when it counts.

Athletes practice new skills over and over until they master it. We need to do the same thing. Most people improve a little with each practice. That’s why, with continual practice, you will eventually become an expert, just like aspiring athletes become experts.

Receive Coaching Feedback – Practicing with a coach gets you to improve even faster. Has someone ever asked you for advice, and you found it easy to tell them what to do, yet if the situation was reversed, you wouldn’t be sure what to do? That’s how coaching is. It’s easy for a coach to see what you are doing wrong and what you are doing well, and give you feedback at exact moments in time to change, improve, and practice again.

If you already have training in your company, great! Use that as much as possible. Most organizations have in-house training, centered around scheduled sessions. Interested in online sales coaching? Consider the Viddler Sales Gym as a way for you to practice on your own to grow even faster.

Some companies may not have any training, or have very uninspiring training that doesn’t have much value. Typically, these companies focus on the quantity of calls you make, not on the quality of your calls. We’ll give you the tools to improve your quality. Give the Viddler Sales Gym a shot with a free trial. I guarantee you’ll see an improvement in your skills within the first few weeks.

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