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Recently, I came across an old Forbes article that linked advertising and training, “Staff training budgets are like advertising budgets; you can waste a sizeable chunk telling the wrong people the wrong things, but as with advertising, developments in technology are giving companies less and less excuse for doing so.”

This is potential good news for those wanting more engaging training programs Training budgets are tight. Personalization, particularly with video, seems expensive. But how much money (and employee engagement) is wasted by delivering the same content to everyone, even if they don’t need it? Customization is the answer.

The innovation for both advertising and training centers on user choices that make the resulting content more compelling and engaging to those who view it. With today’s technology,  employees don’t have to suffer through a one-size-fits all training approach.

Here are 4 ways to stretch your training budget with personalized learning using the Viddler Training Suite and your video content:


1. Private Video Knowledge Base

An April 2017 SHRM article cites Oracle VP, Bertrand Dussert, noting that companies can use video libraries to personalize training. This approach cuts across industries and engages employees in a manner they are already familiar with.

Many people have searched online for “How-to” videos on YouTube or their favorite home improvement network. Doing this at work seems natural, but there are drawbacks—including security issues, and of course the distraction potential. Viddler customers have created their online video library—in a secure, portal environment—by sourcing videos from employees at every site and encouraging experienced workers to share best practices with newer workers, both within and across locations.

2. Reuse Professionally Developed Videos

Companies don’t hesitate to spend money on professionally developed video for marketing their products, but these videos can be used for more than marketing purposes. Team up with marketing to use all the footage and create a product overview video that can be used internally for training sales and customer support staff.

You can do even more, with some creativity and the right tools. One video can be personalized for each team by adding text annotations, discussion questions, and related materials that are relevant to each team’s role and relationship to the product. The sales team may need tips about competitor features, pricing, and how to handle common objections while customer support needs to know a couple of tips to address anticipated customer issues and more detailed information about how the product should work for the customer.

3. Make Boring Webinars Consumable

Webinars are an unavoidable part of modern business. They are easy to prepare for and allow you to distribute information to a large group of people. But let’s face it. Most of the people attending the webinar aren’t paying attention. They “attend” so they don’t have to watch it on video later to prove they received the information. Time is spent preparing for the webinar to get out presumably valuable information, but it most likely is never really absorbed.

Instead, why not prepare a recorded presentation that is more succinct than a typical webinar? Add a chapter menu to allow people to jump right to the content they need. Then, layer in some discussion questions to get people engaged in the content. (This is a double win. A response proves they watched it for compliance AND it engages them more closely with the content.) Employees can watch the presentation on their own time so you avoid the scheduling issue, they can speed up the playback (or slow it down, if needed) to move at their own pace. At the end of the day, you know who actually received the information being presented.

4. Coaching on Pitches and Presentations

One of the things people fear the most is public speaking. But delivering a great pitch or presentation is an essential skill in business. Offering your employees the ability to practice presentations for personalized, context specific feedback and coaching is a great way to help them gain confidence. But it’s hard to schedule live sessions and that’s where video comes in.

Recorded presentations from an employee can get relevant and specific coaching and tips through time-stamped commenting in video players. Both the employee and coach can interact at times most convenient to their schedules. As the SHRM article notes, “… employees tend to be fully engaged because they’re the stars of the sessions.”

Today, people expect personalized and relevant content. Don’t let your company fall behind the learning curve when tools are readily available for you to up your game (and your employee’s engagement).


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