Live Streaming vs Video On-demand (VOD)

Cracking the “video streaming” code

The term “video streaming” gets thrown around a lot but it can mean two very different things. Sometimes people are referring to Video On-Demand and other times they are referring to Live Streaming.

So what is the difference between them?

Video On-demand

  • High quality (HD) video and audio
  • Plays on computers and smart phones
  • Plays smoothly at any Internet speed
  • More economical than live streaming
Live Streaming

  • No time delay
  • Ability to live chat
  • Ability to ask and respond to questions
  • May require additional hardware and software

So which one should I use?

The diagram below is designed to help you determine which technology to use.

Live Streaming vs Video On-demand (VOD)

When to use Live Streaming?

If you have breaking concerns news or live events, you’re probably going to want to live stream it. If you are interested in conducting meetings and collaborating on projects, services like Ready Talk are an excellent option.

When to use Video On-Demand?

Corporate training is a good example of when video on-demand might be a better choice. You want all of your new employees to be able to access this video, even if it’s not at the same time as everyone else. That’s where Viddler can help. With easy integration and security, Viddler offers high quality video on demand for all types of enterprise solutions.

As you can see, both video on-demand and live streaming can be useful methods for your video strategy. It just depends what you are using your video for.

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