Gamification: Make Training Engaging with Video

Businesses – take a lesson from video game creators.

Keeping employees engaged in work and training has always been a challenge. Employees are rarely rewarded for their time and energy spent on training programs. With only 30% of U.S. employees engaged at work, many argue the crisis is due to ineffective training practices. Fortunately, with the increasing popularity of video games, we can take advantage of gamification to motivate learners.

Gamify video with these four easy steps:

Kick it up a notch by making the experience like their favorite video game.

1) Create a leaderboard for questions answered correctly

Video Activity Leaderboard

For every question your employees answer correctly, give them points. Employees with the highest amount of points end up on the leaderboard. What employee doesn’t want to see their name up there? It invites some friendly competition into the workplace while accomplishing your training goals.

Viddler’s newest product, the Viddler Training Suite, includes Member Leaderboard. With a compilation of text comments, video comments, replies, thumbs ups/thumbs downs, Viddler Training Suite creates an intuitive member Leaderboard called Interaction Score™that shares the status of your users.

2) Associate levels with skill sets

Gamification: Make Training Engaging with Video

If you are training on a series of skill sets, try breaking up your videos amongst those sets. When an employee has answered enough correct questions on your video timeline comments, allow them to unlock the next level of questions.

This practice gives employees a sense of accomplishment as they pass from one series or skill set to the next. In this way, gamification also increases engagement, as many people have a natural need for competition and reaching new levels.

3) Provide badges and certificates for each level completed

Gamification: Make Training Engaging with Video

When an employee completes a video fulfilling the necessary requirements put forth by the employer, provide the employee with some sort of recognition. A badge or certificate allows them to display their accomplishments with pride while also signifying that they are certified in that area.

This technique is often seen in social media sites, such as Foursquare. Companies like Code School offer badges to those who complete certain courses. They’ve teamed up with Open Badges, a site where you can share you Code School and other badges with potential employers all over the world.

4) Level-Up on Gamification with Video Contests

Gamification: Make Training Engaging with Video
What’s more fun than a contest? Achieve your gamification goals with an employee video contest. By generating excitement within the company, employees will be more engaged and management will be happier as well.

Video contests can include many kinds of employee-generated content, from workplace safety to new ideas for innovation. Employees vote for their favorites, with prizes given for the most popular, as Nokia did with their recent Lumia AP’Pitch.

5) Use interactive video

Get your learners involved with collaborative video techniques. A great example is timeline commenting. Timeline commenting can be an effective tool for asking employees questions while watching a video. Engaging employees in this manner is the first step towards gamifying your training.

Updating your entire training regiment isn’t always easy, but we owe it to our employees to provide them with the most engaging methods. With interactive video as a medium, the possibilities are endless!

Learn how you can gamify your training and engage your audience.

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