Make Your Online Video Interactive, Social, and Engaging

Viddler’s in-video tagging and commenting feature allows you and your viewers to interact within the video. By using our full player, you are given the option to leave a text or video comment and a tag right on the video timeline.

By making your video public, you give your viewers the ability to interact with your videos by leaving comments or even video comments directly on the timeline. Video comments are recorded directly from your webcam so they appear instantly with no encoding time. In order to segment your video based off of the content being displayed, tags are a great way to organize your video into chapters.Talking about your product in the video? What a great time to leave a link to your product landing page directly on the timeline. All tags and comments are then cataloged below the video so they can be easily followed. Use your creativity to utilize the feature in countless ways. Watch the video below for a full description and test out leaving a comment!

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