Interact With In-Video Tags

The Web is incredibly social. Social media has provided a platform for anyone to have a voice on anything. We now have the ability to express our every thought on any topic we can wildly imagine. The reality is that there are people out there that will not only listen, they will interact.

“I’m with Viddler because of the tagging.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

What are In-Video tags?

Viddler provides a really easy platform for people to interact with videos. Transforming the video watching experience into an interactive experience for users is what sparks conversation and ultimately engages interest. Viddler provides a couple tagging tools to make this a reality:

Time Tags – Label specific points with comments, keywords, or a link on the time line in relation to the content being played at that moment. You can even use a video in the tag! Showing a product in your video? Have a link to the product landing page appear in the time line.

User Comments – Viewers have ability to create comment tags within the video, also displayed on the time line. Viewers can spark conversation within your video based on your content. Video owner has the choice to allow user comments or not.

Tags are represented by dots on the video time line. White dots stand for comments, and black dots stand for tags. Comments are also cataloged below the video for easy access and tracking. Survey the conversation and then jump right in!

Interaction is Key

In-video tags are a perfect tool for sparking conversation and interaction within a video. With Viddler, video has now become social. A meeting place for people to not only view content, but to discuss content. An experience for potential customers to not only be informed on your content, but given easy access to the place of action. The ability to interact with the video and navigate based on keywords. Create a video tag to let your viewers know a little extra information on that exact topic. Whether it is for personal or professional use, tagging is a versatile feature. Tagging creates dimensions in the video experience and open’s the floor for discussion. This interaction is what ultimately will engage an audience.

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