Interview with High Scalability – 7 Million Embeds a Day

Recently our very own Systems Architect, Todd Troxell, took a little time out of his busy schedule to sit down with High Scalability and share the details on Viddler’sarchitecture.  High Scalability describes Viddler’s architecture as, “It’s an interesting mix of different technologies, groups, and processes, but it somehow seems to all work.”

Check out the post on High Scalability’s blog to read the full interview and learn more about Viddler’s platform architecture.

High Scalability Stats

  1. About 7 million embed views per day.
  2. About 3000 videos uploaded per day.
  3. 1500 req/sec at peak.
  4. ~130 people pressing the play button at peak.
  5. 1PB of video served in February
  6. 80T of storage
  7. 45,160 hours of CPU time spent on video encoding in last 30 days
  8. Usage is relatively flat throughout the day, with only a ~33% difference between valley and peak which suggests they get a lot of usage globally. graphic.
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