Now that video is a top 2019 healthcare marketing trend, here are 4 things to do with it.

Happy January! Or, as content marketers like to call it, the new-year-new-trends-list month. Our intrepid marketing team has scoured the yearly listicles and noticed something we think is pretty cool. Forbes, the AMA, healthcare marketing agencies and experts everywhere are predicting a bonafide video marketing boom.

Makes sense to us. According to a Cisco study, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. Video is the future of the internet. As healthcare marketing increasingly goes digital, there’ll be more and more video healthcare content too. So to kick-off the new year, we’re not going to give you a top 2019 trend list. After all, video isn’t a trend, but a sea change. Instead, here are 4 types of killer video content to take your healthcare marketing into the video age.  

Healthy living

Over the last few years, a few healthcare organizations have taken a page out of media companies’ playbook, and produced digital hubs full of “healthy-living content.” These have taken the form of blogs, infographics, recipes and QAs, but this content fits naturally into a video format. Healthy recipes, for example, can turn into short, one-or-two minute how-to videos in the style of Buzzfeed Tasty. “Common Questions” about everyday health concerns can be answered by hospital staff and specialists. This type of content positions your healthcare organization as a healthy living brand and is easily shareable on today’s social media giants, Instagram and YouTube.


We’ve written a lot about how video is the best storytelling medium in healthcare, and patient recoveries are the most powerful story a healthcare organization can tell. Patient testimonial videos are an emotion-provoking way to capture the best care your healthcare organization offers- and should be an integral part of any patient-centered marketing campaign.


Patients want to to feel comfortable with their care providers before they trust them with their health. One way to build trust with potential patients is to introduce the people behind the medical degrees. Short video interviews with your doctors, nurses and PAs give patients a glimpse into your care providers’ personalities and communication styles. When posted beside online staff profiles, these videos can humanize your hospital to potential new patients- and help them select the care provider that they best connect with.


Video can be a great way to keep your community informed about your healthcare organization’s latest awards, public health events, and new campuses, facilities, or partnerships. Short newscast type videos can be part of an internal marketing campaign, or -if done properly- can double as external marketing videos for social media. These videos are also an excellent choice for an engagement-marketing campaign, if you’re so inclined.


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