“Put Me In, Coach!” What the NFL and the Best Sales Training Teams Have in Common

Interactive training is at the heart of all professions—whether it’s live or online. The start of the NFL season reminds us that sales enablement and professional football have more in common than you may think.

Fall is upon us. Pumpkin spice is back, backpacks are packed, and football season has already kicked off. If you’re like me, you drafted your fantasy team a few weeks ago and are now experiencing all the highs and lows as you move around your squad each week.

If you don’t play, here’s a basic rundown. Fantasy football is a competition in which participants build their own dream teams from their favorite real players in a league. People score points for their fantasy teams according to the actual performance of these players during regular season games.

Working at Viddler, that got me thinking. Who doesn’t love a good sports analogy? Wouldn’t it be great if interactive video training teams could operate similarly to how the fantasy draft worked? Imagine if your company had access to the best trainers in any given stage in the sales workflow. You could build your dream team of expert trainers and those experts could effectively and consistently coach your team into the sales playoffs and beyond. Research shows that sales teams implementing post-training reinforcement see 20% more of their reps achieving quotas. This improvement could only increase if each sales team training was led by the most proficient sales expert.

“Sales teams implementing post-training reinforcement see 20% more reps achieving quota. What would this stat improve to with the most effective trainers leading in their most excelling skill area of sales.”-Aberdeen Research


Back to the football comparison. Let’s break this concept down into three key areas: offense, defense, and special teams. Consider offense as anything involving the prospecting process, lead generation, and delivering the best sales pitch. Imagine hiring a Mike Shula level coach to lead you on the best sales training practices in these critical areas.

Or maybe, your team needs to focus more on strengthening their defense — being prepared for when they need to counter or rethink an approach or scenario. These teams could really benefit from a coach who can help them overcome objections by refining their professional communication skills in sticky situations and beyond.

If a team needs a more extensive and specific focus on one single area like closing on a customer, this is where a special teams coordinator comes in.

What would this kind of experience take to become a reality? An effective approach involves real engagement from both the best trainers and the people being trained. People who feel motivated and empowered to practice continually and strengthen any weak areas that need improvement. It would take creating an environment where training is interactive and learned-by-experience.

Until now, the online sales training space hasn’t seen a fantasy football-like platform where management teams get to pick the best expert in every skill and get training delivered from each of them for the ultimate experience. But the Viddler team is excited and energized to share some brand new solutions around this idea in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out.

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