Question Authoring & More Enhanced in New Viddler Training Suite Update

On June 23, the Viddler Training Suite will be updated to include question feedback authoring and other enhancements. This frequently requested feature will allow trainers to create more engaging multiple choice questions at any point in the video timeline.

Public response to Viddler Training Suite (VTS), at the recent FocusOn and LTEN events, has been overwhelmingly positive. Corporate and professional trainers are clearly ready for a new approach to online video learning.

With the recent addition of in-video multiple choice question authoring, trainers can easily add questions to any point in the video timeline. (See our previous announcement for more details.) VTS users appreciated the feature, but asked for a way to specify automatic feedback for each answer selected. The June 23 update provides exactly that.


VTS administrators can now specify a separate response to each user selection, as well as take the user to a specified point in the video—to skip ahead if the user knows the material well, or to skip back for review in the case of a wrong answer.

Other features in the VTS update include:

  • The ability to auto-import users from a CSV data file
  • The ability to easily add a single user to multiple Viddler Training Suite groups
  • Improved update tracking
  • Drag-and-drop editing of navigation menus
  • Improvements to VTS workflow and PDF handling

Contact the Viddler team for more information or a demo of Viddler Training Suite.

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