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The #1 way patients learn about your health network is not Google. It’s not TV or radio.

It’s your employees.
Hospitals on average spend over 75% of their marketing budgets on traditional advertisements, like billboards or TV and radio ads.

But these attract only 20% of new patients.

2017 Healthcare Marketers Trend Report

Studies show when new patients select a health network, they rely mostly on friends, neighbors and family to help them make their decision.

That’s their community and your employees!
Here are a couple questions to ask yourself:
  • Are your employees equipped to share why your network is the best healthcare provider in your area?
  • Do your employees know what your network’s top specialties are?

We help our clients answer YES to these questions.

The Bonus? Our clients’ employees are more confident and engaged at work because they better understand the goals of the network.

One major Northeastern Health Network transformed their marketing strategy— and achieved stunning engagement rates— with Viddler.

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